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The 2016 Student Rocket Launch is scheduled for Sunday, July 24. This year will mark the inaugural launch of the 50-foot-tall Future Heavy, a multiyear project engaging interns at ULA sites across the country. The Future Heavy will launch 16 payloads – essentially onboard instruments and experiments. Some of these payloads deploy from the rocket after launch, while others collect data as the rocket descends.

Working with guidance from mentors, Interns from Ball Aerospace will design and build the largest payload. Elementary, middle and high school students work with mentors to design and build 12 smaller payloads to conduct exciting experiments.

Apply to Submit a Payload in 2017

Elementary, middle and high school student teams can apply for payload spots for the 2017 launch.

Information about the timeline, technical specifications and contact information are included in the Payload Proposal Form. Note: Download the form to complete before sending.

2016 Deadlines
  • Jan. 24, 2016: Deadline to submit the completed Payload Proposal Form
  • Feb. 1, 2016: ULA will notify proposal team leaders about selection
  • Mid-July 2016: Payloads delivered/shipped to ULA
  • July 2016: 2016 Student Rocket Launch event

Here's a view of the 2009 payloads just after deployment from the rocket:

2009 Student Rocket Launch Payload Deployment

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