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ULA called on America to play a role in the future of space launch by naming the new rocket that will be responsible for the majority of the nation’s space launches.

The results will be announced on April 13 along with the design and components of our innovative, next-generation rocket. The names were selected from more than 400 submitted by ULA’s 3,400 employees and space enthusiasts. ULA employees will design and build this new rocket with the first flight expected in 2019.  

Why our next rocket matters to you

ULA’s new rocket represents the future of space: innovative, affordable and reliable. With more than 100 years of combined launch experience, we’ve learned many things. Most importantly, the nation depends on a reliable, cost-efficient and flexible launch system. Our next generation launch system provides all that and more – opening up endless opportunities for public and private sector space exploration, travel and mission success.

The work ULA does touches our lives, every day. The government entrusts its most important satellites to us, which means we all are counting on ULA to deliver – from our troops in the field who need to pinpoint the enemy to meteorologists tracking hurricanes to everyone else looking up directions on their smartphones.

ULA’s precision and focus makes the remarkable seem routine

Our track record of more than 90 successful launches in less than nine years – an average of one launch per month – is unmatched. The ability to deliver critical national security, scientific and commercial satellites into the correct orbit every time is filled with risks and challenges, and ULA has delivered every time.

Unveiling America's new rocket

ULA’s next generation rocket and its new name will be unveiled at the Space Symposium on April 13 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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