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Perfect Product Delivery is a business ethic that drives our employees, our processes and our key suppliers at United Launch Alliance. It's an ethic that means every person, department and process are committed to delivering perfect designs, perfect paper and perfect products to both internal and external customers.

Perfect Product Delivery is a unique business improvement endeavor between ULA and our key Suppliers. We jointly determine how to improve using only the appropriate tools necessary to get the highest return. These tools include Value Stream Mapping, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and other techniques. Learn more about Perfect Product Delivery in the attached videos and presentations below.

  • Video introduction to Perfect Product Delivery
  • Pete Cova of Areojet talks about Perfect Product Delivery
  • Mike Przekwas of ULA talks about Perfect Product Delivery
  • 2009 Supplier Conference Presentation

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Eddie Carrasco, continuous improvement manager, Subcontract Management & Procurement
Mobile: 714.287.0918

Encore Issuance of United Launch Alliance (ULA) Supply Base Health Survey

Thank you for participating in the ULA Supply Base Health Survey sent to you in September 2009

ULA is meeting frequently with various U.S. government (USG) agencies and representatives to address space industrial base viability issues and risks, and the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program's role in mitigating those risks. The aggregate data derived from your survey responses constitutes an effective data base to illustrate the current challenges in the aerospace industry. We anticipate that we will provide such data in as many as 22 separate meetings with USG representatives to be held from late January to July 2010. These meetings are valuable opportunities to communicate the needs of the industrial base, with the objective of obtaining USG acquisition process change and necessary funding for sustainment of a healthy EELV supply base through 2030.  

If you attended the 2009 ULA Supplier Conference held in Huntsville, Ala., you received a briefing on the survey responses, conclusions and actionable areas. During the conference I asked if the participating suppliers would be willing to re-visit the survey in order to update or complete information that would be helpful in our objective to use current and comprehensive space industry data to positively influence the USG EELV acquisition strategy. An overwhelming majority of conference attendees said they wanted another opportunity to provide additional, updated, or higher-fidelity information. Consequently, we are once again making the survey available to you on the ULA website cited herein. The survey will be available on the website through April 19, 2010, after which it will once again have restricted access while we compile new data metrics. As before, you will have access to your own input and the updated aggregate data, and ULA Subcontract Management personnel will be available to address any questions you may have.

The survey is now accessed through the ULA “Secure Access SSL VPN,” which selected personnel at your company have credentials for access.

Much has happened in our industry since October 2009, including confirmation/definition of Space Shuttle retirement, and the new White House budget plans that include cancellation of the Constellation Program and Orion. Seventy-five percent of the original survey respondents stated that they and their sub-tier suppliers are affected by the viability of these programs. This encore issuance of the survey allows you to update your responses based on these recent developments. Additionally, the greater insight to how ULA is using the survey data has generated renewed interest in providing potentially sensitive data. As promised in the first survey, ULA treats your input as proprietary and it will not be available to other suppliers or any third party without your explicit permission. It is unlikely ULA will request permission to use your individual data since the aggregate of all supplier inputs is the goal for discussions with the USG.

You will note that we have not changed the survey questions. We wish to maintain configuration control that will allow us to accurately compare responses to former submittals. If the questions do not adequately address a current area of concern, you are encouraged to provide detail in the text response areas provided in each survey category. Your updated responses are requested no later than April 19, 2010.

Should you have any questions, please contact your ULA Subcontract Management counterpart, or the undersigned at  (303) 269-5627.



J. Michael Thomas

Vice President, Subcontract Management & Procurement