Partnering for Success

ULA and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers are meeting in California April 16 – 26 to negotiate in good faith for a new collective bargaining agreement. The current master agreement  covers Launch Operations at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California; and Production Operations at Decatur, Alabama.

Our employees are the finest in the business, and partnering together, we are at our best. We are confident that the parties can negotiate a new agreement that provides employees with a fair and competitive package and sets up the company for continued success.




Negotiations Daily Status




The parties continued discussion, with ULA presenting counterproposals to outstanding issues related to non-economic proposals.

Negotiations continue Monday, April 23, when discussion of economic proposals begins.


Negotiations continued with both parties exchanging counterproposals throughout the day.

Progress was made on the non-economic proposals. Together, the company and the union are closer to resolution of several issues related to policies and procedures that have limited the company’s agility in today’s highly competitive landscape. With regard to outstanding issues, the company remains firm in its need to make changes which will provide the necessary flexibility to meet customer demands and to respond to a rapidly changing and competitive business environment. 

Both parties are open to meeting Sunday, April 22.


Negotiations continued today with the IAM submitting their response to ULA’s counter proposals.

The company appreciates the union's progress toward agreement on the non-economic proposals; however, the parties continue to work through a number of very difficult issues. With submittal of best and final offer planned for April 26, 2018, dramatic movement must take place over the next six days.

The parties plan to meet again on Saturday, April 21.


Negotiations continued today with ULA presenting a response to the IAM’s counterproposal.

The company’s response took into account much of the input raised by the union while continuing to focus upon the company’s need to improve flexibility to agilely respond to a rapidly changing business environment. The parties continue collaborative dialogue, resolving a number of issues. The company awaits additional proposals by the union and looks forward to ending the week in a productive manner.

Negotiations continue tomorrow, April 20.


Negotiations continued today with the IAM presenting their response to ULA’s non-economic proposal.The IAM’s counter proposal demonstrated thoughtful consideration of the challenges facing the company. The company appreciated the union’s proposal and the parties continued to discuss the need for flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing business environment. Both parties recognized the value of seniority and highlighted the need to build trust through open, productive, on-going and local communication between the parties – beyond the negotiating table.


The parties engaged in fruitful discussion which helped to clarify perspectives. ULA restated its challenges with restrictive processes and procedures in the current agreement and its genuine desire to resolve them equitably. ULA committed to working diligently to provide a counter proposal with the level of progress provided by the IAM.


The parties will meet again tomorrow, April 19.


Negotiations continued today with ULA presenting its non-economic proposal to the IAM. Consistent with opening comments regarding the very real competitive challenges its facing, ULA’s proposal reinforced the company’s need to have greater flexibility to move employees to the work in order to meet business and customer requirements. ULA’s proposal is an earnest starting point for frank and respectful dialogue with our IAM partners, with the goal of reaching collaborative solutions to processes and procedures not optimized for current and forecasted business needs. Additionally, ULA’s proposal seeks to simplify the new collective bargaining agreement by establishing consistency across work locations and by removing outdated language.


The IAM began consideration of ULA’s proposal. The IAM reiterated its recognition of the need for flexibility but urged ULA to recognize its need to protect the rights of its members and stressed flexibility needs to be exercised in a collaborative manner.


Anticipated reconvene is tomorrow, April 18.


Negotiations commenced today between ULA and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). The current contract expires May 6, 2018. The new contract will cover approximately 600 employees from District Lodges #75 and #166, which include Locals #44, #610 and #2786, performing work on the Atlas V, Delta II, Delta IV and Vulcan Centaur product lines at ULA’s East and West Coast launch sites and the Decatur, Alabama, manufacturing facility.

ULA began the meeting by sharing the challenges it faces in an ultra-competitive environment, stressing the need to focus on flexibility and agility. While ULA has strong confidence in its workforce, ULA expressed its view that it is at a strong disadvantage in competing with non-union entities which do not have to respect the parameters of a union contract. ULA expressed its view that it must have the flexibility to respond to our customers’ changing needs and environments while meeting the legitimate needs of our valuable, committed workforce.

The IAM recognized the challenges facing ULA and committed to work collaboratively to meet the mutual challenges faced by employees and the company. The union also stressed that an agreement must be fair to both the employees and the company. The parties agreed to conclude negotiations on or before April 26, 2018. The IAM presented ULA with the first non-economic proposal.

The parties will meet again on Tuesday, April 17.