The Intern Rocket Program is a partnership between United Launch Alliance and Ball Aerospace to provide a valuable hands-on learning experience for college interns and high school students. During college summer internships at ULA and Ball, interns can volunteer their time to build several rockets (ULA interns) and payloads (Ball interns) to be launched at the end of the summer.

Participating interns have just eight to ten weeks to construct the rockets and payloads and quickly gain experience with new design concepts, manufacturing techniques and launch procedures.

Check out our past launches to see what the teams have accomplished!

Apply to Launch a Payload in 2018!

Elementary, middle and high school student teams can apply to build payloads. Visit the Payload Information Page for more details.

The payloads can be almost anything the team can dream up, within certain constraints. United Launch Alliance and Ball Aerospace mentors provide guidance for the high school students on basic rocket concepts, payload designs and payload integration with the rockets. This provides a unique opportunity for an exciting and educational class or group project. Students are encouraged to come watch their payload blast off at the end of the summer.

Be sure to check out our next launch page for what the interns have planned for this year and for information about attending the launch.