The Office of Internal Governance (OIG)’s enforces the company’s ethical standards and provides guidance to employees. OIG works closely with ULA’s human resources and legal departments to gather a broad perspective and make sure that a balanced and fair approach is applied. 

The Ethics and Compliance Program Policy Statement

United Launch Alliance will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. Integrity is the foundation of all company relationships, including those with our customers, suppliers, communities and each other. We take personal responsibility for our actions, including treating others with respect, acting with integrity and proactively seeking and supporting open and honest communication. We do not tolerate retaliation. Each employee signs our Code of Conduct annually.

ULA Ethics and Compliance Program Mission Statement

Inspire personal behavior aligned to our Standards of Business Conduct and enable integration of compliance into business processes to create a competitive advantage.

ULA Values

We achieve mission success, performance excellence, business excellence and employee involvement through an unwavering commitment to our values. Ethical behavior is our fundamental principle, guiding the rest of our values: Leadership, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Our People, Diversity and Inclusion, Quality, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Corporate Citizenship. Ethics is the hub of the ULA Values Wheel.

Ethics Resources

ULA has a team of trained ethics officers that are located at various sites. We also have ethics focals that are available at sites without an on-site ethics officer. In addition, the ULA Ethics Help Line is another resource where concerns expressed by employees and others about possible violations of company policies, laws, or regulations are listened to and acted on. ULA encourages employees in all areas of the company to communicate their concerns and ask questions when faced with ethical dilemmas. ULA will not tolerate any form of retaliation against those who raise ethics concerns. Calls to the help line and ethics officers are anonymous. The help line also is available to concerned individuals outside the company.

ULA Ethics Help Line: 1-800-511-4173