As we transform the future of space launch, one thing does not change: our commitment and dedication to conducting business with the highest of ethical standards.

Our customers entrust us with their most precious cargo, and they rely on us to make every decision with integrity. Our reputation is based on trust that has been earned over a long period of time by repeatedly demonstrating that we do what we say, we do not cut corners and we never compromise our standards. This remains our most powerful competitive advantage. Customers trust ULA to deliver their missions flawlessly, and our reputation of doing so with integrity matters to our customers! Therefore, it matters to us.

We know that our reputation is ultimately measured by the decisions each and every employee makes every day on behalf of ULA. No matter the level in the organization, each decision has the potential to impact

ULA's Ethics and Compliance Program Policy Statement

To carry out our noble mission and to achieve our purpose of harnessing the potential of space for humanity, this policy statement defines our Ethics and Compliance Program and guides our business dealings. Employees annually sign our Code of Conduct which sets the expectation for behavior.

United Launch Alliance conducts its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. Integrity is the foundation of all company relationships, including those with our customers, suppliers, communities and each other. We take personal ownership in creating and maintaining an environment with the goal of achieving the highest standards of business integrity. We exhibit professional and appropriate conduct in the performance of our company responsibilities. We treat all with dignity and respect, including customers, suppliers, communities, and fellow employees. We do not tolerate retaliation.

Mission Statement - ULA Ethics and Compliance Program

Inspire personal behavior aligned to our values and Code of Conduct, and enable integration of compliance into business processes to create a competitive advantage.

Ethics Resources

Employees are encouraged to communicate their concerns and ask questions when faced with ethical dilemmas, and are empowered to resolve such conflicts and dilemmas using techniques that ensure that issues or questions are surfaced, discussed and resolved in a compliant manner. Employees have a number of resources to assist them with questions related to compliance with ULA policy: ULA leadership, Ethics Officers, Human Resources business partners, Security, Internal Audit, Safety and the Law Department. Employees are required to report possible violations of ULA policy or compliance breaches to any of these resources. In addition, the ULA Ethics Help Line is a resource where concerns expressed by employees and others about possible violations of company policies, laws, or regulations are listened to and acted upon. Employees can choose to remain anonymous when making a report to ULA Ethics Officers or to the ULA Ethics Help Line. The help line also is available to concerned individuals outside the company. ULA does not tolerate any form of retaliation against those who raise ethics concerns.

ULA Ethics Help Line: 1-800-511-4173