Vulcan Centaur


Engineering Limitless Possibilities

Vulcan Centaur is built on more than 120 combined years of launch experience. An evolution of the flight proven, highly successful Atlas V and Delta IV vehicles, Vulcan Centaur introduces a balance of new technologies and innovative features to ensure a reliable and affordable space launch service.

Vulcan Centaur is designed, built and will be flown by the only launch service provider with 100 percent mission success. Leveraging proven processes, technology, and expertise, Vulcan Centaur provides the highest value launch service for lower cost with optimal performance to meet the full range of requirements for all of our customers.


Innovative Design, Founded on Extensive Heritage

Vulcan Centaur applies industry best practices for complex systems design – blending flight proven hardware for reliability with new innovative technologies for affordability. ULA has developed strategic partnerships for key system components, bringing the best of industry to the Vulcan Centaur design. 

Leveraging existing infrastructure, including manufacture and assembly at the ULA production facility in Decatur, Alabama, and launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Modifications are already underway.


Simple and Affordable

More capabilities in space mean more capabilities here on Earth. By making it more affordable to conduct launches, Vulcan Centaur will open up new opportunities for space capabilities.

Vulcan Centaur offers our customers unprecedented flexibility in a single system. From low Earth orbit (LEO) to Pluto, the single-core Vulcan Centaur does it all. This simple design is more cost-efficient for all customers, whether defense and national security, NASA science and human spaceflight, or commercial.

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